NOT LOVING IT! AI imagines McDonald’s ‘bacon McFlurry’ blunder – but would you eat it?

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June 19, 2024

McDonald’s have pulled the plug on their (AI) powered ordering voice recognition tech following a series of comical gaffes that have gone viral – including a bizarre McFlurry topped with bacon.

  • McDonalds have pulled the plug on their AI Drive-Thru after a series of viral gaffes
  • Fastest Payout Online Casino utilised AI program Midjourney to visualise the blunders 
  • From a bacon McFlurry to a car full of McNuggets – would you try them?

The weirdest mix-up of the lot was the iconic dessert with a side of bacon, combining salty and sweet for an estimated 451 calories, almost a quarter of the daily recommended intake, thanks to an additional 225 calories that are included with the unusual side.

Fastest Payout Online Casino have utilised AI program Midjourney to imagine the bacon McFlurry and other baffling AI suggestions – including more than 1900 McNugget boxes.

The fast food giant has told franchisees to remove the voice recognition software by the end of July following a trial with IBM technology that was announced back in 2019.

The announcement marks a step back from AI technology, with Ronald McDonald and the Terminator not set to cross paths just yet.

AI has also imagined 1910 share boxes of McNuggets and nine cups of tea as well as how your car might look on the way home from the restaurant if the mistakes hadn’t been spotted. A total of 1910 share boxes of 20 McNuggets, at 869 calories per box, would sustain the average calories recommended for a male (2500) for 663 days – almost two years.

Another Drive-Thru user also incidentally saw stacks of butter added to their order when trying to remove caramel from a milkshake in another blunder from the voice recognition tech.

A spokesperson for Fastest Payout Online Casino said: “McDonald’s know better than anyone that the customer is always right, so they had no choice but to act quickly over the AI blunders that threatened their reputation!

“The bacon McFlurry will have to wait, but all signs point to even more involvement from AI in the future which could change the Drive-Thru as we know it for good!”

A Big Mac, also covered in butter, is another food challenge that AI tried to hand to hungry customers, with humans set to regain control of the microphones in the US from next month. The ending of the trial may well be putting a pin in McDonald’s usage for now, but it has been suggested that it will return with improvements in years to come.

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