Amir Khan exclusive: Canelo Alvarez took five years off my life – Terence Crawford should avoid him; I still want to fight Mayweather and Pacquiao; Daniel Dubois-Anthony Joshua is a 50-50 fight; Dubois reminds me of Joe Frazier

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June 17, 2024

Speaking exclusively to, former world champion Amir Khan reveals he still wants to face Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, tells Terence Crawford to avoid Canelo Alvarez, and picks Tyson Fury to beat Oleksandr Usyk in the rematch. 

Full Transcript:

Q: Do you want to see Terence Crawford and Canelo Alvarez?

Amir Khan: “It’s a very dangerous fight for Crawford, you’re only one punch away from getting hurt, Canelo’s power is always going to be there. Crawford has earned good money, he has a beautiful family, why risk it? You’re only one punch away from getting hurt, and he doesn’t really need the money or the fame. He’s pound for pound the best fighter in the world. I was never the same fighter again facing Canelo. You can get knocked down, fine, you can get back up again, but the knockout Canelo gave me, it probably took five years off my life. I was at the peak of my career and never came back as the same fighter again. I wasn’t gun shy or scared, but that one shot, it wasn’t good for the body or the mind.  And it changed my opponents strategy for fighting me, they all started to try to land that one big shot.” 

“I don’t think Crawford and Canelo needs to happen. Canelo fighting these smaller guys – he fought me and a lot of other smaller guys – he needs to fight someone his own weight. He’s looking for an easy way out because he’s not going to get hit or hurt by anybody. And it will hurt Crawford more if he loses against Canelo because he’s an unbeaten fighter. He doesn’t really need to take this fight to prove anything, he’s proven himself time and time again.”

Q: What fight would you come out of retirement for?

Amir Khan: “There’s two fights that I’ve always wanted, the Mayweather fight and the Pacquiao fight. Those are the two big fights that I would still love to have and those fights would make me want to train hard and get into the right shape. I’d be very motivated for those big fights. 100 percent I’d be open to either of those fights.” 

Q: Daniel Dubois or Anthony Joshua?

Amir Khan: “I like the Dubious-AJ fight. Dubois is an all-rounder; he hits hard, he holds the weight well, he’s not a guy you can mess around with, AJ would have to take him very seriously, the guy is a beast. AJ is also a beast, he’s been there and done it all, but the one thing about Dubois is his boxing skills. He’s smart and the way fought Hrgovic – he was taking some big punches – but he came back stronger and took the guy out. He has skills, strength, and heart.

“He won’t be the favourite because the bigger name is always the favourite, but it is a 50-50 fight in my opinion and it’s about who turns up on the night. And Dubois would turn up because it’s life changing money and status. And Dubois can take AJ’s punches, I think Dubois can take AJ’s power. He’s got a decent chin and he’s strong. He reminds me of strong, tough guys like Joe Frazier and he hits hard. It’s a hard fight to call, I edge more towards AJ because of experience but it’s 50-50.” 

Q: Should Deontay Wilder retire?

Amir Khan: “I saw that Deontay Wilder had lost the fire in his belly against Joseph Parker, I could tell he didn’t want it anymore. Deontay Wilder needs to be an animal in there, but as you get older you get softer. You get comfortable when you make money. I think he’s comfortable and he no longer wants to take risks. You can see against Zhang, he didn’t take risks, so he got caught and he got beat. What makes Wilder is the risks he used to take. He’ll always be remembered as one of the hardest punches in the world, but he definitely needs to call it a day.”

Q: Will Tyson Fury beat Usyk in the rematch?

Amir Khan: “Tyson Fury will do a more clinical job in winning the fight in the rematch. I think he will go back to the game plan and he will fix himself up. He’s the underdog now and he has to go in and prove he’s the champion. And I really believe he will. He has it in him, that Gypsy blood, they’re tough.” 


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