Carl Froch Interview: Slim Fury Won’t Bully Usyk Like He Did Wilder; Nutritionist Needs To Change Fury’s Diet ASAP!

Avatar Owen Fulda
May 7, 2024

In an exclusive interview with, former world champion Carl Froch revealed he believes Tyson Fury is making a big mistake by trimming down for his clash with Oleksandr Usyk…

  • Giving up weight advantage plays into Usyk’s hands
  • Fury’s nutritionist needs to make him eat more red meat and bulk up ASAP!
  • Tyson’s punch output and speed has diminished in recent fights

Carl Froch: “I’m not sure if [Fury coming in light] is a good thing to be honest.

“That weight allowed him to bully Deontay Wilder, lean on him, tie him up and just have his own way.

“When it gets on top for Fury, when he’s under pressure, he’s able to sit back, get hold of the back of his opponent’s neck, lean on him and use his body weight to get himself out of trouble. If he’s losing weight and he’s slimmer, he could struggle. I’d like to see him perform at a slimmer weight.”

Nutritionist Needs To Change Fury’s Diet ASAP

Back in 2017, Tyson Fury and his cousin Hughie claimed they failed a drugs test because they ate a whole boar every single week. But Froch think Fury needs to get back to his old ways of eating or risk losing his WBC belt to Usyk;

Carl Froch: “Fury’s upped the training, he’s upped the diet a bit more.

“He’s eating more healthily and the weight’s just falling off. His body and the way it looks is a product of his training camp. So maybe the nutritionist needs to step in and say, right, get some more red meat down here. Get some more protein down you and do some weight resistance exercises. I think he needs the muscle on now though. He needs to be bulking up muscle.”

Fury’s punch output and speed has diminished in recent fight

Froch is unconvinced that Fury’s dramatic switch in tactics will play in his favour. As the former champ believes the Gypsy King’s hands speed & agility is not what it used to be;

Carl Froch: “One of the main advantages Fury has over Usyk is his size.

“And if he’s going to bring that size down, he then has to rely on his speed and his movement and his boxing ability. His punch output’s not as big as it was. He doesn’t throw as many feints. He’s not as light on his feet and he gets hit on the chin. In the last couple of years, he’s been hit more than he’s ever been hit.”

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