Metaverse Workplace Market Size Projected To Boom 465% By 2030 ($22.8B in revenue)

Avatar Charles Dawes
June 5, 2024

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, working remotely and the metaverse workplace has become the new norm for various businesses and industries. 

Those who work in office-based environments will typically find they can take advantage of hybrid working. 

Some may be able to do this on a full-time basis. However, the metaverse workplace is set to make huge strides in the next six years. 

Virtual reality environments that allow people to work anywhere in the world are snowballing in popularity. The technology involved really does provide many advantages. 

Meetings, training and team building that are held virtually have proven to be much more beneficial than human to human contact. 

The metaverse workplace improves overall productivity, reduces the risk of illness, travel costs and time commuting as well as expensive office equipment/space. 

Metaverse Workplace Market Predicted Over $25 Billion Insight By 2030

The year-on-year increase in market size for the metaverse workplace further highlights how many companies are adopting the ‘new norm.’

In 2024, the worldwide metaverse workplace has a market valuation of $4.9bn. Next year, it is projected to be $6.2bn and $8.4bn the following year. 

2027 is expected to be $11.6bn, 2028 at $16.1bn with 2029 forecasted at $21.8bn. In 2030, the market valuation is predicted to be $27.7bn. 

This is a 465% increase in just six years. The benefits of the metaverse workplace are set to be exploited by companies and workers well into the 2030s as well. 

US Fastest Adopter on Metaverse working, Expected 500% Increase In Metaverse Workplace Market Size by 2030

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the United States of America is set to be the fastest adopter of metaverse working. 

By the year 2030, the US metaverse market size is set for a huge 516% increase. In terms of the dollars involved, it’ll go from $1.54bn to $9.47bn. 

Next up is Germany. The market increase for the European nation is expected to be 432%. The current value is tipped to go from $0.22bn to $1.17bn. 

Just below them is Japan with a 431% increase. The current market value is $0.26bn and is likely to reach $1.38bn by the year 2030. 

The United Kingdom is set for a 426% increase. Currently, the UK’s metaverse workplace valuation is $0.19bn. In six years time it’ll likely be $1bn. 

Coming in at number five is China. The current value is expected to go from $0.69% to $3.41bn. This is an increase of 394%. 


A spokesperson at fastestpayoutonlinecasino.comcommented on the data: “Looking at the data, it isn’t at all surprising to see the predicted increase in metaverse working market size. The monetary amounts being touted are truly staggering. 

“It is also a testament to the idea of the metaverse workplace becoming more and more common over the next six years. 

“The features and benefits are plain to see and a huge plethora of industries are set to take advantage of the metaverse.”  


Author Charles Dawes